Resonance - FAQ's

Q1. What is ResoMEx ?
Ans.  ResoMEx is the “Resonance Multiple Examination”, Where we target student all major government and private recruitment exams and entrance exam. It help student not only to prepare competitive exam but also develop the soft skills and make them a skilled employable candidate.

Q2. What is the Need Of ResoMex ?
Ans.  Unemployment in India is projected to witness marginal increase between 2017 to 2018. It is because wrong career counselling of the student also student only concentrate toward the theoretical knowledge not developing their soft skills, communication techniques and their efficiency to learn. Thus Resomex is the best platform to overcome such barrier towards the bright future.

Q3. What are the classroom courses available at ResoMEx ?
Ans.  We have different program according to target exam preparation. Basically we have three courses which are as follow :
YearLong Classroom Contact Program (YCCP) Short-Term Classroom Contact Program (SCCP) Fast-track Classroom Contact Program (FCCP)

Q4. Can I prepare along for the competitive exam along with the graduation ?
Ans.  Yes, you can prepare for the competitive exam along with graduation. We have courses in which level are decided which help you when you graduation complete you are ready to crack the placement criteria of the multinational companies and the government competitive exam. Following courses according to the level are as follow :
Beginner Level (MAIDEN) Excel Level (MANTHAN) Advanced Level (MAGICAL)

Q5. What is our Teaching Methodology ?
Ans.  Our Teaching Methodology are as follow :
Tried, Tested & Trusted Teaching Methodology of Kota System is followed. Application-based Conceptual & Effective Classroom Teaching (For CCPs). Fundamental learning-based & well-researched Study Material with Comprehensive Syllabus coverage. Personalized Doubt Removal Classes to enhance ‘individual’ learning. Innovative & Examination Pattern-based Periodic Testing & Assessment System.

Q6. What is the Ideology of ResoMex ?
Ans.  ResoMEx will be not only prepare the students for their target exam by providing them all kind of academic support but skilled them in such manner so that will be employable.